Everything I Use

Every piece of technology I use, in one convenient spot.

A photo of my desk with a keyboard, mouse, microphone, 2 monitors, and an iPad in Sidecar.
My Current Setup as of December, 11 2023.

I'm going to share everything I use on a daily basis to work, be productive, and relax.

The Hardware

For my desk setup I also use the following accessories:

  • An Anker USB-C Hub w/ an Apple USB-C Charging Cable for the true "one cable" desk setup.
  • USB KVM Switch to switch USB Devices between my MacBook and my Steam Deck.
  • I also keep another USB-C Hub in my bag for portable use.

The Software

A lot of my apps are cross-platform so you will see repeats. Apps will be organized by how they are laid out on my devices.


List is laid out by my Dock order, then by alphabetical.

  • Brave - Browser of choice

Extensions in Brave


I do a couple of weird things on my Phone. Mainly I keep it in Grayscale (unless using Camera/Photos), Do Not Disturb, and Low Power Mode 24/7. For more information, check out my blog post.
The Boring Phone
How I keep my phone boring to stop wasting time.

Phone Apps


Productivity Folder:

The Services

While most of my services are self hosted (aka: I run them on my own server at home)

The Ever-Expanding Home Server
Everything I self-host, in one convenient spot.

I do still use some online services.


And that's about it. That's most if not everything I use on a daily basis (at least that's technology related!)

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